Opening Ganbu Djila Sports Park

Ganbu Djila Sports Park, the joint-use sports facility was officially opened at Charle La Trobe College. Thank you to all our members, past and present, who came out to show support.

Below are the words spoken on the day by our President – Marc Heenan:

I stand here today with immense excitement and pride to be part of this groundbreaking achievement for our club and the La Trobe community. After a challenging and yet determined journey, we have finally hit a home run.
New Beginnings:
This milestone represents the dawn of a fresh chapter in the history of our club. It is a testament to the unwavering dedication and perseverance of our members, committee, and supporters. As we take this leap forward , we do so with hearts filled with exhilaration to create a future where the La Trobe University Baseball Club soars to new heights.
Seizing Opportunities:
In this new era, we recognize the immense power of forging partnerships and collaborations. We are eager to work hand in hand with a diverse range of stakeholders, Charles La Trobe College and individuals who share our passion for sports, innovation, and community. Together, we will create a vibrant network that propels our community forward.
Boundless Potential:
The baseball field, multi-sport tablet or Ganbu Djila as we know it now isn’t merely a physical structure; it represents the connections we will build and the relationships we will foster. It’s a platform for us to come together, share experiences, and create lasting memories. Within these spaces, the possibilities are endless.
As we stand here today on the land of the Wurundjeri people, united by our passion for sports and driven by the vision of a brighter future Together, we will shape a future that transcends boundaries, nurtures talent, and uplift our community. Let us seize this moment with open arms and be ready to create a legacy that echoes through generations.
Thank you, and let the journey begin!